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Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
if the rainy weather was the cause of two separate water main breaks in this city of redwood city early this morning. just a couple of city blocks apart and this first one was at 2:40 a.m. at brewster avenue/warren street. and the second one was at spanish st/atherton. maureen kelly has the details of even homes being flooded. >> public works crews replacing this broken pipe this hole in the middle of the intersection is where the first beat inch main ruptured. they have been at sweeping and shoveling and vacuumed up the mess with the help of a special truck. tens of thousands of gallons of water or released. check this out. the st. buckle up and cracked and flooded the garage of two different homes. this shows a motorcycle and two-feet of water and damage personal belongings soggy. this second water main break was just a few blocks away. everybody on the scene is that this is where you'd see dirt it was under 6 in. of water. one neighbor says that some of that got onto the sidewalk and went under her garage door. 60 customers had their service impacted but everything is up and bu
Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
city does not have a lot of time to find a replacement. amongst other qualities that they're looking for someone who be an effective manager in communicator. some with a foreign record of success in fighting crime and someone who will work with san jose is the first community. more has only been on the job for two years and held a similar series of meeting before he was hired. to i will be the first of four public sessions. there'll be one on wednesday and two more in december. on kron4 and his at 8:00 we'll have more from tonight's meeting and what qualities residents would like to see in a police chief. >> the high street bridge in alameda was closed for a little more than an hour this afternoon while police investigated and death there. police arrived on the scene and found a man hanging from his neck. the police immediately close the bridge in both directions to investigate the death. alameda in oakland firefighters hope to recover the body. please open the bridge just over an hour after was closed. they're still investigating exactly what led to that man's death. a record number
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
east bay city. from last april you can see mudslide caused a lot of damage. this line knocked out power to 65 homes in the area for several hours. it was quite a mess. a big problem for hundreds of residents. the director of public works tell the kron4 news that after investigation the slide was caused by misdirected storm water from a nearby home. this is the same area several months later. the plan was worked out and the homeowner has taken several steps to deal with the issue. the russian control materials have been put in as well as new landscaping and a concrete barrier. not all the work is done but major progress has been completed. hopefully another has been done to prevent another situation like last winter. >> that is just a small sample of what the city is doing to try to make sure that they are doing everything they can and anticipation of the big storms that are headed our way. >> kron4 is began carmen is and the north bay this evening. you have been talking to people there who have been getting ready for the big storm. >> yes we are at lucky draw a and this is one of
Nov 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
. 68 in union city. 60s as well. 65 in san francisco with upper 60s through the north bay. as for the sierra, we look at dry conditions as well. sunny skies tomorrow, warmer into the 50s. staying that way on saturday but cooling down a little bit into sunday. as we take a look at your ski report, still have a few resorts open right now. not all are open, but at tahoe and sugar bowl, check out which is open. warm weather the next couple of days and into sunday, we're going to cool slightly. early next week, still going to be nice but heading towards the middle and end of next week, rain is going to return to the forecast! >> time for the tech report. >> black friday deals begin tonight. most retailers and online retailers get ready at 9:00. selling the ereader for $40. that's down from $100, a great deal, a great ereader. toy r us will give a gift card when you buy a $15 one. that can pay off all yearlong. best buy has a 50-inch lenovo laptop. that's a steal. they're also selling the android tablet, galaxy tab 2 for $80. wal-mart selling the wii for $80. it's not the new wii-u syst
Nov 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
degrees in santa rosa. oakland, redwood city. similar in store for tomorrow. we will see sunshine and there could be some patchy fog, early. to the north bay but otherwise, sun and at the temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. on the sunday, look for a similar day but the tail end of the weather system from the pacific northwest will provide some clouds and a slightly cooler temperatures. where we can expect that, coming up. >>pam: today is black friday and we have tamed coverage with a lot of people waking up early this is-team coverage. trying to grab a bargain and on the top right is from west field mall in san francisco. the bottom right is livermore at the new paragon outlet. let us check-in with charles clifford union square. charles, it looks pretty crowded? >> yes, i am right near the west and/san francisco. the stores began at midnight, macy's began at midnight and there are swarms of people there is always a lot of people and humans were but it is fully that right now. people are looking for great deals, and it is always- busy. however, when i asked what of what they got
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
some of rainfall a near redwood city but jacqueline bennett is tracking the storm on the inland valleys. jacqueline? >> this morning, we saw a 72 mph gusting it was a wet and windy morning but conditions have been improving. the satellite and radar with mainly drier conditions. kron 4 is tracking the storm. heavy rain falling in berkeley today. now to a live look at the weather now. a shot of the san francisco even though it looks much better than this the rain isn't over by a long shot. >>pam: rain and wind causing delays at san francisco international airport throughout the day. kron4's scott rates is there live --- scott, now that we have had a brief lull in the bad weather... how are flights looking? >> the rain and wind is on a south-east wind they have to change directions of the way that the aircraft take off that is causing water lines, longer waits and for these people to see a lot of " cancelled " flights. >> as the first round of the showers slammed san francisco flights came to a standstill. >> we felt that our flight was delayed by 2.5 hours. >> 2-pushing three. >> we are g
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6